Bright Green Sonic Melkerson

Bright Green Sonic Melkerson

I built this piece for the 2023 Buskerfest in Boone, NC, a new annual event produced by the Watauga Arts Council. Boone is filled with musicians—as you would imagine, many mining in the Appalachian bluegrass/old time vein, and others producing rock, experimental, opera, and avant-garde work. What a blast co-opting people at the festival to […]

Citi di Omnucular

These three chaps are made of steel and brass. I thought I was building a city, but apparently ended up with characters. Or maybe they are vehicles. Travel across this great land! Commission, private collection
Pod/Old Scratch Thumbnail

Old Scratch is in Your Garden/Pod

This piece is a concatenation of two ideas—one, a narrative sculpture, a brief story in steel, and two, a conduit from the earth to the sky. I think the big idea that we miss as humans is that we think the object stops at its bounds. As a systems guy, I look at the space […]

Omnucular: Six Heavens

Omnuculars are from a morning vision of retro circus devices from the future—that is, objects from the future, sent to our past and then discovered in the present.


The Tendrillophone is a small scale time machine. My intention was to use it for forward/backward time travel, but apparently loads of problems with that. Also, the device is too small for myself and most (all?) other humans. That’s frustrating. Materials: Steel, brass, wood Height 24″ Diameter 12″      
Olonium sculpture


Sculpture Steel, brass tuba parts This tuba is a dead instrument. Once played by aspiring high schoolers who dreamed of a life in Marching Band, they slowly graduated and realized the instrument would never lead to love or sex, only heartbreak and a bad back. Annually the students’ parents returned the instrument to the band […]


Wow! I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and now it’s coming together. Sometimes it just takes starting to make something to start making something. This sculpture will be an emotional range device requiring both attention and selfishness. Rock it gently to sleep, but don’t put it down or tears, tears, tears! Select […]
Olo Triplets thumbnail

Olo Triplets

I'm pleased to let you know that I received a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council. I will be welding up these Olos and placing them on Winkler's Creek Road. Take a drive by and see them. The granting organizations have asked that I include this statement: This project is funded as a cooperative venture […]
The Matron

The Matron

The Matron is a robot prototype sculpture for my opera, Olo. The Matron guides Olo through this Universe (Olo is from another one, so trans-dimensional).
St. Olo Sculpture

St Olo

St. Olo is a robot sculpture for my opera, Olo. She is made of wood, a magnifying glass halo, metal. She would look good, or maybe great in your apartment. You could give her as a gift to: Your priest Your grandmother A friend Materials: Glass, Metal, Wood
Shopper sculpture


The Shopper carries her binder clip handbag to the store. She is one of my robot prototypes for my upcoming opera, Olo. She’s made of cement, wood, and found materials. As I work in various materials to make my lamps, I experiment with these for less functional/more fun processes in my sculptures. Materials: Medium: Concrete […]
The Gardener Sculpture


The Gardener is a sculpture for a dancing robot for my opera: Olo. He is made of found materials and recycled metal. He does not dance, but will in the opera. He is one of a thousand unique sculptures I will build. Materials: Metal, Wood


Driver has to GO! Vroom, vroom! This artwork is made of cement, wood, metal, and found materials (including a salt shaker!). Driver is a prototype robot for my upcoming opera, Olo. I am creating hundreds of unique sculptures to help develop characters and costumes for the performance. Your support means a lot! Sign up for […]
Hat Bot

Hat Bot

Hat Bot is a sculpture prototype for a character in my upcoming opera — “OLO.” I am making hundreds of sculptures as a way to develop the story through the characters. The Hat Bot carries a little pail with a secret payload, a shiny metal ball. This would make a great gift, or a unique […]
Deco Lady

Deco Lady

Deco Lady is a unique artwork I built as a character study for my upcoming opera, OLO. This would make a great gift or as a piece for your own collection. Metal, Wood, Found objects Height 14 inches


Another character prototype for my opera, Olo. This cactus man would be a nice gift for your friend in California. Or maybe you know someone in Arizona? Metal, Wood, Found objects
Super Happy

Super Happy

Box of flowers. I’m working hard to get rid of my cynicism. Would make a good gift for an optimist, royalty, or someone from California. This is pretty much gonna make you happy every time you see it. Wood, glass 8″x8″x5″
Mel Brainiac

Mel Brainiac

Mel Brainiac is a robot sculpture prototype for my opera, Olo. This robot CANNOT do calculations for you. It is mostly wood. This would make a nice gift for: Your nephew (if he is as smart as he says he is) Your niece (because pink brain) Maybe your brother-in-law (also thinks he’s so smart) Buy […]

Fire Flower

Fire Flower (work in progress).Fire Flower is a proposed interactive device for public spaces. It offers a sanctuary to those seeking stillness and eye candy to those seeking entertainment. Options for the surface include undulating patterns, water caustics, op art illusions of movement and depth, as well as near static, subtle color shifts reflecting the […]
Floating in Air sculpture

Floating in Air

Black balloons floating over a field, randomly illuminated by synchronized photo flash units and soundscape. My 2016 submission to the PVCC Let There Be Light annual public show.


OMGOMGLOL was my piece for the 2017 Let There Be Light at the annual Piedmont Virginia Community College show. Not evident in this nighttime image is the large frame holding the lights 8 feet above the ground. The lights were attached to an old bike tire and cranked from the base by visitors to the […]


Belle is a magic girl. She does almost nothing. But if you take her mallet, you can chime the hour. Or minute. Made of wood and metal (soup ladle, bolts, aircraft grade aluminum). What is aircraft grade aluminum? This would be a perfect gift for a niece, a yoga instructor, or your father (is that […]
Olo Manifestation 15 Sculpture

Olo Manifestation 15

Manifestation 15 is one of Olo’s many changes. This sculpture is a robot prototype for my opera “Olo”. This sculpture would make a nice gift for: People who like talking dogs Werewolves Other trans-dimensional beings Materials: Medium: Metal, Wood Height: 11 inches Width: 4 inches Depth: 6.5 inches
Hellbender South Sculpture

Hellbendr South

The Hellbender is a sculpture prototype of a dancing robot for my opera: Hellbendr. This darned hellbender is a manifestation of Olo in this dimension—a stripey object of affection for a sister in love, an exboyfriend with whom you are still close to, or a lawyer. She doesn’t dance yet, but will in the future. […]
Olo Manifestation 16 Sculpture

Olo Manifestation 16

Olo Manifestation 16 is a fantasy sculpture. She arrives in this world to bring joy to the owner. Recommended as a gift for bachelors, prima donnas, and in-laws. She is a prototype for a dancing robot in my upcoming opera: Olo. Materials: Medium: Metal, Paper, Wood Height: 12 inches Width: 9.75 inches Depth: 4 inches
Happy Lieutenant Sculpture

Happy Lieutenant

The Happy Lieutenant is a sculpture prototype of a dancing robot for my opera: Olo. He is a bit of a drunk (thus the lampshade). He’s made of wood, metal, a beer tab medal, a small wrench, and synthetic paper. He would make a great gift for a goofy uncle, a sibling who you are […]

Organumunagro Firma

Public installation of my favorite ratio 3:4 (3 faces, 4 lobes). I fell in love with this shape and find I can use it as a primary object, as decorative object, and as a suface treatment. Observers often see it as a flower, a propeller, and even as a chair. This sculpture funded by the […]


Installation Synthetic paper, bamboo 2015 Yard Dreams public art exhibit Charlottesville, VA Description: Ognmngo is a series of cicada-like minagros set at ratios apparent to all (many). The cicadosity will become revealed on the viewers alignment with major ley lines: 15, the Twelve, and seven. Obviously, the inherent pleasure, never mind. Some of the points […]
Wendigo Sculpture


The WendigoBot is a robot sculpture for my opera, Olo. This bot is harmless (unlike actual Wendigos). It might make a nice gift for: Yourself Raven McMillian Your postal carrier