The Matron

The Matron

The Matron is a robot prototype sculpture for my opera, Olo. The Matron guides Olo through this Universe (Olo is from another one, so trans-dimensional).
St. Olo Sculpture

St Olo

St. Olo is a robot sculpture for my opera, Olo. She is made of wood, a magnifying glass halo, metal. She would look good, or maybe great in your apartment. You could give her as a gift to: Your priest Your grandmother A friend Materials: Glass, Metal, Wood
Shopper sculpture


The Shopper carries her binder clip handbag to the store. She is one of my robot prototypes for my upcoming opera, Olo. She’s made of cement, wood, and found materials. As I work in various materials to make my lamps, I experiment with these for less functional/more fun processes in my sculptures. Materials: Medium: Concrete […]
The Gardener Sculpture


The Gardener is a sculpture for a dancing robot for my opera: Olo. He is made of found materials and recycled metal. He does not dance, but will in the opera. He is one of a thousand unique sculptures I will build. Materials: Metal, Wood


Driver has to GO! Vroom, vroom! This artwork is made of cement, wood, metal, and found materials (including a salt shaker!). Driver is a prototype robot for my upcoming opera, Olo. I am creating hundreds of unique sculptures to help develop characters and costumes for the performance. Your support means a lot! Sign up for […]
Hat Bot

Hat Bot

Hat Bot is a sculpture prototype for a character in my upcoming opera — “OLO.” I am making hundreds of sculptures as a way to develop the story through the characters. The Hat Bot carries a little pail with a secret payload, a shiny metal ball. This would make a great gift, or a unique […]
Deco Lady

Deco Lady

Deco Lady is a unique artwork I built as a character study for my upcoming opera, OLO. This would make a great gift or as a piece for your own collection. Metal, Wood, Found objects Height 14 inches


Another character prototype for my opera, Olo. This cactus man would be a nice gift for your friend in California. Or maybe you know someone in Arizona? Metal, Wood, Found objects
Mel Brainiac

Mel Brainiac

Mel Brainiac is a robot sculpture prototype for my opera, Olo. This robot CANNOT do calculations for you. It is mostly wood. This would make a nice gift for: Your nephew (if he is as smart as he says he is) Your niece (because pink brain) Maybe your brother-in-law (also thinks he’s so smart) Buy […]

Strawberry Lady and Screw Dogs

One of my robot prototypes for my opera, Olo. I am constructing a vast quantity of robots who will audition as characters for the opera. Not everyone will make the cut. Life is tough, opera is tougher. Materials: Cast cement, wood, screws, bolts, knob


Belle is a magic girl. She does almost nothing. But if you take her mallet, you can chime the hour. Or minute. Made of wood and metal (soup ladle, bolts, aircraft grade aluminum). What is aircraft grade aluminum? This would be a perfect gift for a niece, a yoga instructor, or your father (is that […]
Olo Manifestation 15 Sculpture

Olo Manifestation 15

Manifestation 15 is one of Olo’s many changes. This sculpture is a robot prototype for my opera “Olo”. This sculpture would make a nice gift for: People who like talking dogs Werewolves Other trans-dimensional beings Materials: Medium: Metal, Wood Height: 11 inches Width: 4 inches Depth: 6.5 inches
Hellbender South Sculpture

Hellbendr South

The Hellbender is a sculpture prototype of a dancing robot for my opera: Hellbendr. This darned hellbender is a manifestation of Olo in this dimension—a stripey object of affection for a sister in love, an exboyfriend with whom you are still close to, or a lawyer. She doesn’t dance yet, but will in the future. […]
Olo Manifestation 16 Sculpture

Olo Manifestation 16

Olo Manifestation 16 is a fantasy sculpture. She arrives in this world to bring joy to the owner. Recommended as a gift for bachelors, prima donnas, and in-laws. She is a prototype for a dancing robot in my upcoming opera: Olo. Materials: Medium: Metal, Paper, Wood Height: 12 inches Width: 9.75 inches Depth: 4 inches
Happy Lieutenant Sculpture

Happy Lieutenant

The Happy Lieutenant is a sculpture prototype of a dancing robot for my opera: Olo. He is a bit of a drunk (thus the lampshade). He’s made of wood, metal, a beer tab medal, a small wrench, and synthetic paper. He would make a great gift for a goofy uncle, a sibling who you are […]
Wendigo Sculpture


The WendigoBot is a robot sculpture for my opera, Olo. This bot is harmless (unlike actual Wendigos). It might make a nice gift for: Yourself Raven McMillian Your postal carrier