Vesselalia sculptures 1 and 2

VESSELALIA is a project of interactive sculptures who improvise music and light with each other and with human performers as well as listener-observers. The piece will be presented as a matrix of 49 sculptures which will tour around the country in public performances.

Vesselalia is a portmaneau word I made up which combines vessel and glossolalia (so-called pressured speech). The vessel is the sculptural object and the glossolalia is the interactive aspect—notes, intervals, chords, riffs, sound effects, and other audio elements with which the sculptures will improvise. 

The sculpture matrix will contain a variety of algorithms. My programming will allow them to “listen” to their neighbors, performers, and viewers and respond (each sculpture will have two microphones in a binaural configuration, a microprocessor will analyze key, tempo, rhythm, and other musical elements). The initial set of sculptures might be thought of as a “combo” or a quartet. The larger set-up of 49 objects could be thought of as an orchestra you walk through, hearing each instrument as you pass through the environment.

Vesselalia is a great framework to explore my interests in sculpture, music and sound art, and to engage in performance with various communities. I envision showing the sculptures to people of all ages who might enjoy seeing/listening to a performance as well as meeting and working with the musicians and singers who will improvise with these objects.

Please contact me if you are interested in having the exhibit/performance at your venue or facility.