Floating in Air sculpture

Floating in Air

Black balloons floating over a field, randomly illuminated by synchronized photo flash units and soundscape. My 2016 submission to the PVCC Let There Be Light annual public show.


OMGOMGLOL was my piece for the 2017 Let There Be Light at the annual Piedmont Virginia Community College show. Not evident in this nighttime image is the large frame holding the lights 8 feet above the ground. The lights were…

Strawberry Lady and Screw Dogs

One of my robot prototypes for my opera, Olo. I am constructing a vast quantity of robots who will audition as characters for the opera. Not everyone will make the cut. Life is tough, opera is tougher. Materials: Cast cement,…



Belle is a magic girl. She does almost nothing. But if you take her mallet, you can chime the hour. Or minute. Made of wood and metal (soup ladle, bolts, aircraft grade aluminum). What is aircraft grade aluminum? This would…

Olo Manifestation 15 Sculpture

Olo Manifestation 15

Manifestation 15 is one of Olo’s many changes. This sculpture is a robot prototype for my opera “Olo”. This sculpture would make a nice gift for: People who like talking dogs Werewolves Other trans-dimensional beings Materials: Medium: Metal, Wood Height:…

Hellbender South Sculpture

Hellbendr South

The Hellbender is a sculpture prototype of a dancing robot for my opera: Hellbendr. This darned hellbender is a manifestation of Olo in this dimension—a stripey object of affection for a sister in love, an exboyfriend with whom you are…

Olo Manifestation 16 Sculpture

Olo Manifestation 16

Olo Manifestation 16 is a fantasy sculpture. She arrives in this world to bring joy to the owner. Recommended as a gift for bachelors, prima donnas, and in-laws. She is a prototype for a dancing robot in my upcoming opera:…