Another character prototype for my opera, Olo. This cactus man would be a nice gift for your friend in California. Or maybe you know someone in Arizona? Metal, Wood, Found objects

Super Happy

Super Happy

Box of flowers. I’m working hard to get rid of my cynicism. Would make a good gift for an optimist, royalty, or someone from California. This is pretty much gonna make you happy every time you see it. Wood, glass…

Mel Brainiac

Mel Brainiac

Mel Brainiac is a robot sculpture prototype for my opera, Olo. This robot CANNOT do calculations for you. It is mostly wood. This would make a nice gift for: Your nephew (if he is as smart as he says he…

Fire Flower

Fire Flower (work in progress).Fire Flower is a proposed interactive device for public spaces. It offers a sanctuary to those seeking stillness and eye candy to those seeking entertainment. Options for the surface include undulating patterns, water caustics, op art…

Floating in Air sculpture

Floating in Air

Black balloons floating over a field, randomly illuminated by synchronized photo flash units and soundscape. My 2016 submission to the PVCC Let There Be Light annual public show.


OMGOMGLOL was my piece for the 2017 Let There Be Light at the annual Piedmont Virginia Community College show. Not evident in this nighttime image is the large frame holding the lights 8 feet above the ground. The lights were…