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Omnucular: Six Heavens

Omnuculars are from a morning vision of retro circus devices from the future—that is, objects from the future, sent to our past and then discovered in the present.



The Tendrillophone is a small scale time machine. My intention was to use it for forward/backward time travel, but apparently loads of problems with that. Also, the device is too small for myself and most (all?) other humans. That’s frustrating.…


Olonium sculpture

Sculpture Steel, brass tuba parts This tuba is a dead instrument. Once played by aspiring high schoolers who dreamed of a life in Marching Band, they slowly graduated and realized the instrument would never lead to love or sex, only…



Wow! I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and now it’s coming together. Sometimes it just takes starting to make something to start making something. This sculpture will be an emotional range device requiring both attention and selfishness.…

Olo Triplets

Olo Triplets thumbnail

I’m pleased to let you know that I received a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council. I will be welding up these Olos and placing them on Winkler’s Creek Road. Take a drive by and see them. The granting organizations…

The Matron

The Matron

The Matron is a robot prototype sculpture for my opera, Olo. The Matron guides Olo through this Universe (Olo is from another one, so trans-dimensional).

St Olo

St. Olo Sculpture

St. Olo is a robot sculpture for my opera, Olo. She is made of wood, a magnifying glass halo, metal. She would look good, or maybe great in your apartment. You could give her as a gift to: Your priest…


Shopper sculpture

The Shopper carries her binder clip handbag to the store. She is one of my robot prototypes for my upcoming opera, Olo. She’s made of cement, wood, and found materials. As I work in various materials to make my lamps,…


The Gardener Sculpture

The Gardener is a sculpture for a dancing robot for my opera: Olo. He is made of found materials and recycled metal. He does not dance, but will in the opera. He is one of a thousand unique sculptures I…