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Mark Edwards


Ognmngo, installation in the Yard Dreams public art project. Synthetic paper, bamboo. Description: Ognmngo is a series of cicada-like minagros set at ratios apparent to all (many). The cicadosity will become revealed on the viewers alignment with major ley lines:…


Pops One Minute Movie
I shot this one minute movie shortly after my father died. He was the king of creepy paintings, so in honor of him I snuck in some subliminal frames to make you feel uncomfortable.

Organumunagro Firma

Public installation of my favorite ratio 3:4 (3 faces, 4 lobes). I fell in love with this shape and find I can use it as a primary object, as decorative object, and as a suface treatment. Observers often see it…

Mister Angerhead

A creepy, funny satire about bad neighbors, taxidermy, and the predator lurking within. This movie has the haunting mark of every childhood campfire story about the menacing man looming in the dark.