OLO—Act3 Scene4 Facet5


Olo-Act 3, Scene 4, Facet 5

The 2017 Piedmont Virginia Community College annual exhibit “Let There Be Light” included my sculpture: OLO—Act3 Scene4 Facet5.

Description: Olo has lobed from 3 to 4 elements, passing from invisible to visible (to our eyes). Chuzz Cloud Warriors and Electric Chuzz Warriors attack her like a million vampire ticks. She is not long for this dimension.

Bio: Mark Edwards is (perhaps by some) known as a filmmaker. You may see his feature-length murder comedy, Mr. Angerhead, and documentary about the Belmont neighborhood, Still Life with Donuts, co-produced with his wife Mary, on Youtube (https://bit.ly/2z3SFXM). While you are there, check out some of his 144 One Minute Movies—narrative and abstract shorts each shot and edited in a day.