OLO: 50 Foot Soprano

OLO—50 Ft Soprano

The 2018 Piedmont Virginia Community College annual exhibit “Let There Be Light” included my sculpture OLO: 50 Foot Soprano.

From the program materials:

Description: OLO: 50 Foot Soprano is the first part of Mark Edwards’ (Artist) new opera, which introduces us to the Dimension Garden, a place where nonspecific activities occur. The nonspecific activities will be notated by an X, but since they are multidimensional, you may not see them. Then again, you may. This is the first time at the Let There Be Light dealio Edwards will incorporate waveforms lower than the visible, specifically those in 5Hz to 20kHz. Physicists will recognize these frequencies (aka freqs) as audio. Musicians will recognize these freqs as music. Linguists will recognize these freakies as words. The lazy and stupid may not recognize them at all. Then again, they may. Materials: Bamboo, Tissue Paper, Electronics, Air, Water, Dirt.